Carrie Burnett uses her education in childbirth, lactation counseling, massage therapy and somatic experiencing (trauma therapy) to help bring a well-rounded approach to her childbirth classes. The main objectives are to empower expecting families and help them achieve their highest birth goals. Throughout this class, students are given weekly exercises and stretches to help them stay healthy and prepare for birth. They are also given weekly educational topics to learn about and weekly questions to ask their providers to encourage an open and safe relationship between patient and care provider (ob, Midwife, family doctor, etc). There are weekly guided mindfulness practices for each the body, mind, and emotions. Also, there is homework for helping mothers strengthen their ability to relax through labor as well as offering skills and practice for support people. This course offers weekly partner discussion topics to foster the relationship of the growing family, and emotional reflection topics for parents to truly understand all the working parts for them in pregnancy and birth.

This natural birth class goes far beyond tools and how-tos for natural childbirth. This class is designed to bring you to your birth feeling empowered and prepared. These tools are designed to help you beyond the labor and delivery room and will foster you through your new journey as parents. Feel confident in your conscious choices because YOU are powerful!


8 week Class – $250

À la carte – $35/class (pick and choose classes to attend)

Class 1: Understanding your body and your intuition.

  • Identifying our expectations.
  • Identifying fears.
  • What is intuition?
  • Facts and Myths about our bodies in pregnancy and birth.
  • Hormones in birth.
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Learning how meditation can help in birth.
  • Mindfulness practice.

Class 2: Labor preparations for natural birth.

  • Intuition exercises.
  • Making your diet needs and choices fit your nutritional needs.
  • Ways diet can affect labor.
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Human anatomy during pregnancy.
  • The story of our birth.
  • Mindfulness practice.

Class 3: First stage labor.

  • Identifying how our friends and family can affect our views of birth.
  • Informed consent.
  • Labor progressions and understanding the tools used to measure progress.
  • Support through first stage labor.
  • Variations in labor.
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Mindfulness practice.

Class 4: Transition and pain relief.

  • How society affects our beliefs in birth.
  • What is transition.
  • Recognizing and supporting through transition.
  • Natural pain relief techniques.
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Mindfulness practice.
  • Birth plans.

Class 5: Second and third stage labor.

  • Past medical experiences and current pregnancy/birth.
  • Second stage labor overview.
  • Positions for second stage labor.
  • Third stage labor; what is it?
  • The amazing placenta!
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Mindfulness practice.

Class 6: Breastfeeding and bonding.

  • Politics and birth?
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Tips for breastfeeding
  • Breast crawl.
  • Reasons babies cry.
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Mindfulness practice.

Class 7: Life after birth.

  • Reviewing your Intuition and inner voice.
  • Breastfeeding; meeting your long term goals.
  • Newborns- What to expect.
  • Hierarchy of needs postpartum.
  • Postpartum mood disorders.
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Mindfulness practice.

Class 8: Processing your birth and what you have learned.

  • Reviewing labor stages and signs. transition tools, and second stage labor positions.
  • Safe co-sleeping.
  • What to do in emergency childbirth.
  • Review game.
  • Stretching and exercises.
  • Mindfulness practice.


Condensed Class – $200

Condensed Childbirth classes are for those who can not take a full natural childbirth course and is not otherwise recommended. We will cover all the topics outlined in the natural childbirth course in 9 hours instead of 16. (3-hour classes over 3 weeks)

First Trimester Class – $25

This is a one on one class that will cover basic information on getting your pregnancy off on the right foot. Things like how to deal with some common early pregnancy symptoms, navigating myths and true early pregnancy concerns, how you can start now preparing your body for a natural birth, and exercises to help you feel more comfortable and prepare for birth.

Private Class – Prices Vary

Private classes are catered to meet your needs whether you know that you will have a c-section or other circumstances or if you just prefer to have the Natural Childbirth Class in your own home. Private class price and location will be negotiated upon request.