TruBirth is the perfect curriculum for any one who desires a conscious, self aware reproductive journey. Whether you are just starting to think about conception, experiencing a loss or miscarriage, pregnant or already a parent this is the place for you. You can come here to ask questions or just to offer support, we are all here for each other, with the common goal of self awareness and connection!

What is conscious birth all about?

Well it’s about having the tools necessary to make conscious choices, instead of simply operating automatically from our core beliefs. We take note of what they are, how we got them and then decide if we want these choices to serve us in this conception/pregnancy/birth/breastfeeding process.

It’s about self reflection and understanding how to truly know the parts that make up who we are. Not about right or wrong, simply about knowing yourself intimately and becoming active in self reflection daily.

TruBirth has a huge focus on connection. Working with pregnant women and breastfed moms I have seen how much connection is needed and often times missed. We come together with our partners, children, family and our selves and enjoy the warmth of fun and meaningful connection in many different facets and activities!

The tools I’ve created extend beyond our reproductive journey and can be utilized anywhere in life, but the TruBirth program is specific to conception/pregnancy/birth/postpartum/breastfeeding (essentially what I’m calling the reproductive journey). These transformative events often force us to grow beyond what we can even prepare ourselves for and TruBirth offers tools to help you embrace this growth and make sure you come out feeling love for yourself and your new family and a true sense of self awareness. The best part? It can be used in conjunction with natural childbirth classes, or counseling! This can be used by aspiring doulas and care providers to make sure you are meeting your clients grounded and not unintentionally bringing fear or doubt into your practice!

What is the TruBirth E-Learning course?

TruBirth is broken down into 5 parts:

  1. Introspective exploration
  2. Exploring how friends and family interact with our belief system
  3. Exploring how society interacts with our belief system
  4. Exploring how our medical experiences interact with our belief system
  5. Exploring how our political environment interacts with our belief system.

Throughout the curriculum there are 4 pillars:

  • Meditations- The focus here is to learn to take stock of what things we are feeling more on the surface (like anger from a stressful drive home) and differentiating that from deeper feelings we might have (like anger from birth trauma). With out being aware of these things it can become hard to really asses our deeper feelings.
  • Guided writing– These parts are to encourage the identification of what our thoughts/memories are. There is so much power in writing things down, so we do some work with this.
  • Questionares– These are questions/activities that are designed to be answered/done by the students or to be used as conversation starters for the students and others in their lives to encourage the self reflection process.
  • Connection Activities– These are designed to get the couple talking about their experiences and feelings and creating a deep and genuine connection. There are elements stemming from the 5 love languages. This is one of the main focuses of the curriculum because I feel that the phase of life surrounding the reproductive journey has an amazing potential to bring couples together and I want to cultivate that. I also know that our relationship with our partner is HUGE in our own self identity, so it would be self defeating for the program not to address this.

The end goal is to get people thinking about how they get the beliefs they have and also teaching them tools of self awareness so they can really identify these impactors and chose if they WANT to hold onto the truths they have accepted. Its about creating an environment where they are active participants in their own beliefs.

There is a HUGE focus on the introspective portion which is where we deal through things like pregnancy loss, infertility, birth trauma/birth pain, etc. The plan is to separate some of this out to offer to women who may not be pursuing another birth but are looking for healing from these experiences.

Who is Carrie Burnett?

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I found my way to the natural birth community when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2012. I explored around until I found the solution that felt right to me, and ultimately birthed with a midwife at home that October! This experience was so empowering to me that I quickly decided I wanted to help spread the news about how AMAZING our bodies are and I signed up to study to become a childbirth educator. After completing this goal, and learning A TON, I decided to write my own curriculum focusing on connecting with partners but also really emphasizing the power behind the body and how we birth. I really wanted to stay away from scaring women into natural birth and wanted to encourage them to make the choices that were right for them, with all the information they needed!

About a year after launching my natural childbirth class I went on to become a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). I not only incorporate that knowledge into my teaching but I also offer lactation services.

Through teaching my natural childbirth class I discovered some trends with the couples I worked with. One of the things is that for some women no matter how many tools I gave them, or how much we talked about the amazing power of the body there seemed to be a disconnect with their own individual power and ultimately some of these people went on to have births that they were disenchanted with (regardless of the particular details of the birth; regardless of if it was unmedicated or not).

Additionally some of the mothers I worked with had past traumatic experiences around birth and their reproductive journey and I really wanted to provide some things to help address that and really offer healing for these parents!

I was really focused on coming up with all the new content to add to my class to address this but was halted in the summer of 2014 when I had a miscarriage. It was very early, and I wanted to believe it was nothing so I had a hard time letting myself process the loss. When we got pregnant 3 months later I had and even harder time connecting to my pregnancy, baby and family.

I was pretty lonely and depressed in the early part of my pregnancy and didn’t want to really deal with the pregnancy I was experiencing. Aside from being very sick with a 2 year old I also had so much hurting in my heart. I needed a way out. Step by step I was able to add in things that I needed and now 2.5 years later I am still growing and learning everyday!

Through my journey healing and connecting with my body, baby and husband I feel like I was given a window into what things really impacted our ability to be be present and connected in pregnancy and birth. I realized how many things played a part in what I believed about my body and the process surrounding my birth and decided to start writing curriculum, again, to address these things in my class.

About 2 months into the writing process I realized that this was much bigger than I originally anticipated and that it was really my biggest passion. I have always been a huge advocate of the healing power of self awareness (things like counseling/journaling/self explorations/ etc) and I love talking about how to connect with those around us (especially our partners, which stems from a whole other long story behind my marriage). I realized that what I really wanted for women/couples, over pursuing natural birth, is just for them to experience the most empowering birth experience. For them to have see how powerful they are. What I really wanted is for people to learn about them selves and learn to really love them selves (and ultimately their families) through the process of becoming a parent. This is how I can contribute to bringing more love and peace to the world.